ESL Instruction:

●Bachelors Degree;

●Native Speaker;
●ESL Teaching Experience Preferred.


Basic Instructional Tasks:
●Teachers will be required to deliver instruction to Chinese college and university stuts in their first three years of study at a government registered post-secondary institution.
●Teachers will be provided with course outlines and learning resources, including textbooks and other media resources for prescribed courses of study.
●Teachers will be required to prepare lesson plans, conduct in class assessments, grade written and spoken assignments, and grade examination papers.


Working with Telfort:
●Basic Curriculum, Assessment, Teaching Resources provided for all courses.
●Opportunities for career advancement to positions of authority within individual centers or with the Academic Committee.
●Telfort is building blended online learning progams and offers contracted work for program development to its foreign faculty.
●Experienced foreign managers that provide support for interactions with students and local administrative staffStandard Work Week (Monday to Friday).
●Telfort Network–a Weixin group enabling professional interactions among Telfort international teaching staff members.

Telfort Standards of Employment:

◆Salaried contract positions paid monthly according to standard payroll with the partner school;
◆Maximum instructional hours per week (usually about 20-45 minute class periods);
◆10 to 12 month contracts with associated Chinese registrations for working and living in China;
◆Airfare Allowance;
◆Housing (furnished one bedroom apartments on campus or housing allowance depending on location);
◆Reimbursement for basic Health expenses;
◆Offers conditional upon partner school's ability to secure work permits (Foreign Expert Certificates from local government authorities) and resident visas.